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Huge fire at London tower block

Last week on 7th May, residents were evacuated from a tower block fire at the New Providence Wharf estate in Canary Wharf, London.

Four children and 38 adults were evacuated from the building in Poplar. Consequently, two men were rushed to hospital with 36 more people requiring treatment by ambulance crews. It is believed that the fire started in a flat's fuse box.

It is said that many residents were not aware of the fire and did not know what was going on. A statement from one resident claimed, "No alarm went off for over 30 minutes post the fire.” They also say that they “woke up to the smell of smoke in the flat."

Another man who was living in the block stated that “no fire alarm went off. I have also asked other residents directly above the apartments that went on fire and they confirmed they didn't hear anything either. Most of us only went out because security or neighbours knocked on doors.”

20 fire engines, with more than 120 firefighters spent about three hours tackling the blaze at the estate. The London Fire Brigade confirmed "Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus have carried out multiple rescues. Two men have been taken to hospital suffering smoke inhalation."

The Mayor of Tower Hamlets, John Biggs, expressed his concern about the fire and said, "I've been working with residents of this block for a long time to help them resolve fire safety issues. Their safety must come first."

Although procedures should be taken to prevent the spread of fire through buildings such as removal of dangerous cladding, it is also important to ensure that all the systems in the building are working efficiently, such as fire doors and alarms.

It is our top priority to keep our clients safe and we do that by providing a wide range of fire safety materials and services.

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