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Halloween safety tips

Halloween is something that all of the family can get behind, it is one of the most exciting holidays of the year for most households, throughout the world. With all of the fancy dress, the decorations, and of course, the sweets. However, like with most holidays involving decorations, there are considerations regarding potential safety hazards that need to be made when approaching Halloween.


Before decorating, it is important to acknowledge the number of outlets that you’re dealing with. When you’re aware of the number of outlets you have at your disposal and their location, this will help you avoid utilising too many appliances for just one or two outlets, allowing you to plan your displays appropriately.

Also important when decorating, is acknowledging the distance of your appliances from their outlets, being sure to avoid the stretching out of fairy light decor etc.

Inspect the materials in your decorations

Carefully inspect your decorations before use, checking them to ensure that there are no signs of damage or fault to functionality, any significant wear and tear, or that appliances are heating up to an excessive level.

Roughly a third of house fires in the UK are said to be caused by electrical fault from decorative lighting. This can be avoided by taking an extra moment to check for any signs of hazard, ahead of time.

Turn off when not in use

Just like with any electrical appliance, the decorations that you use for Halloween should not be powered when you’re not present and lighting is not required. Leaving lights on when nobody is present only increases the chance for the possibility of fire hazard through electrical fault. So once, again... If nobody is in the room, turn off the lights.

We wish you a happy Halloween, stay safe people!

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