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Fixed Wire Testing (EICR) & Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) - combining electrical testing

Today we’ll be looking at Fixed Wire Testing (EICR) & Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) and why you should be combining the two as key elements of your electrical safety and compliance.

Which one is more important?

Simply put, they are both important as both services cover different aspects that will ultimately help towards ensuring the overall electrical safety and compliance of your workplace.

Fixed Wire Testing is “the MOT of your electrical installations” - making sure that all relevant installations are safe and fit for use. Portable Appliance Testing is the best method for ensuring that all portable electrical items within the premises that staff and visitors use, are again, fit for purpose and safe to use.

As mentioned in the title, we urge all of our clients to ensure that they have both forms of electrical testing carried out for good practise and to ensure complete electrical safety and compliance in their workplace.

Fixed Wire Testing (EICR) - defined in short

Fixed Wire Testing involves a thorough testing and visual inspection of all low voltage electrical systems in a building.

What examples of equipment will Fixed Wire Testing (EICR) test?

Fixed Wire Testing will primarily involve the testing and inspection of the items that the power runs through and therefore items that portable appliances plug into. Examples include any main panels, distribution boards, lights, fuse boxes and plug sockets.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) – defined in short

PAT Testing involves the testing and visual inspection of portable or moveable electrical appliances in a premises.

What examples of equipment will Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) test?

In summary, PAT Testing will mainly mean the testing the electrical items that are plugged into a power source, this being items such as microwaves, laptop chargers, computer screen monitors, as well as vacuums and even kettles.

If you’d like to learn more about having both your Fixed Wire Testing and your PAT Testing delivered by Protest ES Ltd, contact us: or call us: 01604 696113


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