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Fire Prevention for the Facilities Management Sector

The 2005 fire safety law says that a responsible person must “take such general fire precautions as will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety of any of his employees”.

It is therefore a legal requirement that any kind of non-residential premises needs to have someone in charge of fire prevention. In many cases that will be the facility manager.

Fire prevention is usually a manual process and this can make it harder to follow best practice. Ensuring your buildings are free of fire risks is a highly manual activity, requiring lots of floor walks and inspections. You also need to remember to conduct periodic assessments of things like fire extinguishers.

The good news is that Protest ES Ltd can make life easier for facilities managers.

Why trust Protest ES Ltd to perform your Fire Risk Assessment?

There are several benefits of using a professional to perform the assessment, such as the responsible party can relax and have peace of mind knowing the assessment will be as thorough as possible.

How it works when hiring a Protest ES Ltd professional fire risk assessor is we will show up on the scheduled date and complete the assessment. The assessment can take some time, the time it takes depends on several factors, for example, the number and size of buildings, the number of occupants, number of floors and the risk level. Upon completion of the assessment, our professional fire risk assessor will produce a report.

What will we include in your fire risk assessment?

There are five key steps when carrying out the assessment:

  • Identify the fire hazards

  • Identify people at risk

  • Evaluate, remove or reduce the risks

  • Record your findings, prepare an emergency plan and provide training

  • Review and update the fire risk assessment regularly

Included in your assessment is an emergency plan. The emergency plan will consist of where staff members should exit in the event of a fire.

The plan will include a meeting point, exit door locations and what to do if those doors are blocked due to the fire or obstructed in another way.

Completing a fire risk assessment is essential, and Protest ES Ltd's fire risk assessors do it the right way, and within the guidelines set forth by the government.

Would you like to know more about how Protest ES Ltd can help protect your business, staff, and visitors, thus keeping you safe and legally compliant with the latest regulations?

Please do not hesitate to contact us, by calling this number: 01604 696113 today. Or contact us via email:


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