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Everything you need to know about Thermal Imaging (Thermographic Surveys)

Thermal Imaging involves the quick identification of damaged and/or faulty areas known as 'hot spots' in any type of electrical supply.

These 'hot spots' generate heat, the thermal imaging camera will then detect the irregularities in the system, with the reports generated, alerting us to any potential hazard.

No other non-invasive preventative maintenance service is able to help identify problems such as poor connections, over loaded cables and any other faults in electrical equipment as safely and as promptly as thermal imaging.

By detecting faults and poor connections early, thermal imaging can avoid costly down-time and expensive repairs.

Thermal Imaging itself is not a legal requirement, however the EAWR 1974 do state that it is a requirement to ensure that your systems are maintained to a safe standard in order to prevent injury or death from electrical fault or cause.

Thermal Imaging serves as the perfect contributing diagnostic supporting act for your critical Fixed Wire Testing (EICR) servicing.

Furthermore, by conducting Thermal Imaging surveys, this will not only help identify existing faults, but it will also help identify any potential issues that are yet to become visible.

If you would like Protest ES Ltd to carry out any electrical compliance services, we cover all relevant electrical testing and inspection services nationwide, please feel free to contact us: | 01604 696113.


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