3 key factors for promoting better mental health awareness in facility management (FM)

With Mental Health Awareness Week coming to an end shortly (Sunday,16th), we wanted to look at some of the positive steps that can be taken in the FM (Facilities Management) industry to improve the mental wellbeing of people involved in the industry not just with the inclusion of nature, but also by implementing valuable initiatives to help promote the cause.

Establish leaders and thought provokers

By establishing senior figures and leaders to help start the conversation around mental wellness by discussing their own struggles/experiences with mental health, this can help create better dialogue in a company or organisation.

People can see these well thought of, highly regarded individuals expressing themselves and get inspired to speak up about their own difficulties with mental health.

Networking and support groups

Much like the above, promoting the discussion around mental health and wellbeing will only help in breaking down the stigma around the topic.

By creating specific networks and groups within an organisation, companies can encourage employees to feel more open and create a better feeling of having a support network/group around them, so that they don't feel alone in whatever they may be going through mentally. Instead, helping each other with their own problems and finding solutions (like nature, or therapy) to help alleviate the difficulties that come with mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

Employee assistance programmes

The sad reality is that many people really do not feel like they can open up about how they are feeling mentally, especially in the working environment. Facility management is already a very stressful and challenging role excluding any outside issues that FM's may be facing.

Some FM firms are ensuring that they keep a solid infrastructure of employee assistance with mental health. Ensuring that dialogue is championed and not quietened and normalising the processes of opening up in the industry.

By initiating these factors into how FM firms and any other businesses or organisations handle their employee's mental health, will only benefit them in both the short and the long term. As having happy, engaging, honest and open employees in any working environment will only further boost productivity and boost morale throughout the whole establishment.

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