As a business, organisation, or any other type of establishment, it is natural that over time there will be a build up of unused and unwanted IT equipment that very quickly becomes waste. 

Replacing and updating your company’s tech on the surface, can seem pretty straightforward. However, disposing of this equipment in an ethical and environmentally friendly way, without contributing to environmental hazards, while also protecting your data, is far more complex.

At Protest ES Ltd we ensure that all data contained within the equipment that we dispose of ethically, is rendered completely irretrievable. This can be performed at your convenience, either at your premises or at our secure facility.


  • All devices that are unsuitable for re-use are disposed in a secure and environmentally responsible manner.

  • We uninstall and remove assets from the network, as well as entering them into a secure database that enables assets to be tracked throughout the IT asset disposition (ITAD) process.

Would you like to dispose your old IT assets? 

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