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Earth Lightning Protection

Why Earth Lightning Protection?

Lightning strikes can pose a serious risk to occupants within a building, as well as to the structure itself, the contents, and installations within. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 state that lightning protection systems should always be tested in accordance with a relevant British Standard - either BS 6651:1999 or BS EN 62305. The type of standard will always depend on when the system was installed with maximum intervals of 12 months.

What does Earth Lightning Protection involve?

A new approach within standard BS EN 62305 is to adopt an internal lightning protection system. This approach was implemented in order to prevent any possible sparking between lightning protection systems and other conductive building services, should a lightning strike occur. The sparking is prevented by ensuring that conductive services are outside of the measured "separation distance" or simply by direct bonding. The standard of BS EN 62305 requires that practitioners are competent, and states that in order to become a specialised designer or installer of lightning protection systems, a thorough knowledge of the relevant standards and several years of experience is a minimum requirement.


Why Protest ES Ltd?

Our nationwide team of engineers have the required experience and knowledge to undertake detailed inspections and testing of existing earthing and lightning protection systems. Regardless of whether or not any systems were originally installed by ourselves. Following testing, in addition to receiving your certification, you will also receive a comprehensive report on the condition of the system, with our recommendations for repairs or upgrades where necessary to restore systems to a compliant condition.

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